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Barsilinga playing with Sities

Barsilinga plays with Sities

Musiara with Sities

Sities, Dololo and Suguta

Sities with Musiara

Suguta, Sities, Kainuk with baby Lapa

Dololo browsing with Sities

Sities & Suguta exiting the mud bath

Sities and Dololo

Sities and Dololo browsing

Sities playing

Sities and Dololo

Sities hugging Dololo

Sities, Olare & Mundusi having a drink

Sities with the orphans

Sities and Dololo

Dololo and Sities

Dololo, Turkwel, Suguta and Sities

Mutara, Suguta & Sities having a drink

Sities and Kanjoro

Sities walking around the mudbath

Sities, Kilaguni and Kasigau

Sities with Rapa

Sities dustbathing

Sities and Kanjoro having a drink


Sities and Mutara

Tusuja plays with Sities

Sities having fun at the dusbath

Sities and Turkwel

Bomani and Sities

Mutara, Sities and Chaimu

Tusuja challenging Sities

Garzi picked a fight with Sities

Sities playing with Galla

Barsilinga playing with Sities


Sities at the stockades

Turkwell, Kasigau and Sities

Sities and Kanjoro

Mutara and Sities

Kilabasi, Kainuk and Sities

Sities getting ready for browsing activities

Sities being a nanny to baby Kama

Galla and Naseku saying hello to Sities

Sities trying to play with Sirimon

Sirimon, Sities and Orwa

Enkikwe playing with Sities

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