Sities's latest photos

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Sities and Kanjoro

Mutara and Sities

Kilabasi, Kainuk and Sities

Sities getting ready for browsing activities

Sities being a nanny to baby Kama

Galla and Naseku saying hello to Sities

Sities trying to play with Sirimon

Sirimon, Sities and Orwa

Enkikwe playing with Sities

Sities playing with Galla

Boromoko greeting Sities

Sities with Gawa

Sities says hello to Boromoko

Sities leading Mutara's group

Sities in the stockade compound

Sities and Kanjoro on the right

Sities plays with Kilabasi

Sities browsing

Bongo and Sities


Sities browsing with Bongo

Sities playing in the wet soil

Sities greeting Orwa

Sities feeding on old nests

Kainuk feeding with Sities

Sities coming across fallen log

Sities leading the herd

Mutara and Sities in the water

Sities eating lucerne

Sities digging soil

Laragai and Sities feeding

Sities playing in the loose soil

Sities rolling on Mutara

Sities playing with Orwa

Sities plays with a stick in her mouth

Sities struggling to browse high up

Bongo and Sities playing in the small water hole

Orwa plays with Sities

Sities, Wiva and Wendi

Teleki and Sities

Sities, Wiva, Wendi and Sidai

Sities and Kithaka playing with Wiva

Sities scratching

Sities plays with Suguta

Sities playing with Orwa

Sities feeding on a branch

Sities and Kainuk relaxing together

Sities feeding

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