Sities's latest photos

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Sities, Turkwel and Kainuk browsing together

Sities reaching for vegitation

Turkwel, Kainuk & Sities in training for the move

Sities being stubborn about entering her stockade

Sities in the bush browsing


Sities and Lemoyian

Lemoyian snuggles up to Sities

Sities and Mutara

Sities, Mutara and Tano enjoying some bark



Sities munching away

Sities reaching for browse

Sities having milk

Kanjoro on the left with Sities

Rukinga with Sities

Shukuru, Sities, Kainuk and Kinango

Barsilinga with Sities and Dismas


Tano and Sities

Sities guarding Kithaka

Sities getting in the water

Tano drinking with Sities begging for more

Sities and Kihari playing

Barsilinga with Sities

Sities with the babies



Sities in the bush

Sities standing over Kithaka

Sweet mischievous Sities

Sities feeding

Sonje with Sities

Sities in the park

Sities, Kithaka and Naipoki

Sities with trunk raised

Shukuru and Sities

Sities reaching for browse

Sities having milk

Mischevious Sities

Sities feeding

Sities with Kithaka

Sasab with Mutara and Sities

Sities browsing



Sities in the lead

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