Sities's latest photos

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Sities and Kanjoro

Mutara, Bomani and Sities

Sities relaxing under a tree

Garzi and Sities

Sities soil dusting

Chemi chemi tries to mount Sities

Mutara and Sities relaxing

Garzi browsing with Sities

Sities enjoying her branch


Sities and Teleki play

Sities soil dusting

Sities joins Kenze in the morning for a drink

Zurura and Sities

Sities off to check on the new babies

Greedy Sities tried to steal an extra milk bottle

Sities reaching for juicy fodder

Turkwel and Sities browsing

Laragai after being disciplined by Sities

Teleki playing with Sities

Teleki and Sities enjoying a light shower

Bongo scratching on Sities

Sities charging at small bushes

Turkwel and Sities jostling for position

Mutara and Sities close together

Sities shared her green branch with Mutara

Sities and Garzi browsing together

Sities scratching against Wendi

Sities after chasing the warthogs

Sities lying in the durt

Sities playing in the water trough

Bomani decided not to push with Sities

Garzi and Sities together by the scratching rock

Sities and Mutara together

Sities taking a branch from Garzi

Sities splashing in the water trough

Sities sucking her trunk

Sities being relaxed


Sities sucking her trunk

Sities after a dustbath


Sities with a branch

Sities charging

Sities eating an empty birds nest

Sities and Mutara browsing together

Sities soil bathing

Sities and Bongo feeding near one another

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