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Sonje with some leaves in her trunk

Sonje sucking her trunk

Kiombo Lima Lima Sonje walking to the mud-bath

Sonje and Kiombo at the new water trough

Sonje early morning dustbath

Quanza and Sonje with their babies

Sonje and Kiombo walk to the midday feed

Sonje and Kiombo walk to the midday milk feed

Kiombo running to Sonje

Sonje enjoys drinking water from a broken pipe

Sonje checking the water level

Sonje with her babies

Sonje resting

Sonje washing her feet in water trough

Lima Lima and Sonje browsing

Sonje cooling off

Sonje and Kiombo walking to the midday feed

Sonje blowing dust clouds

Kiombo and Sonje taking a break from the heat

Alamaya pushing Sonje into the mudbath

Sonje and Kiasa walking to midday feed

Sonje dusting

Sonje scratching her ankle on the loading bay

Sonje and Murera stop for a quick drink

Sonje at the dusting mound

Sonje and Murera leading the orphans home

Sonje and Zongoloni discussing with heads together

Sonje sucking the remaining milk from her trunk

Sonje with a stick in her mouth

Sonje enjoying the soft grass

Sonje scratching her bottom as Maktao waits

Sonje Mwashoti Alamaya at the water trough

Enkesha and Sonje at the waterhole

Sonje watching the boys fighting

Sonje being affectionate with Maktao

Sonje pushing Quanza

Quanza and Sonje waiting for their friends

Sonje and Lima Lima browsing together

Sonje kicking up dust

Jasiri and Sonje enjoy browsing together

Murera and Sonje maneuvering over some rocks

Sonje browsing deep in the forest

Sonje at the mud-bath

Sonje scratching her bottom

Sonje and Enkesha at the water trough

Sonje leading Murera

Murera and Sonje consult on their next move

Sonje at Umani Springs

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