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Sonje at the water trough

Sonje swimming in the mud

Sonje Luggard and Murera at the mud-bath

Sonje leading Luggard to the mud-bath

Luggard rests as Sonje and Murera watch over him

Murera and Sonje in deep conversation

Sonje leads orphans to greener pasture

Sonje finds green grass to browse on

Sonje browsing

Sonje and Quanza find a broken water pipe

Sonje in a playful mood

Sonje stripping bark off a branch

Sonje browsing

Sonje walking Luggard to the waterhole

Sonje drinks water from a broken pipe

Sonje at the dust-bath

Sonje and Mwashoti foraging

Sonje foraging

Sonje scratching

Alamaya Sonje and Quanza browsing

Sonje reaching for the greenest leaves

Sonje looking after little Luggard

Sonje getting ready to wallow

Sonje after dusting

Sonje and Shukuru pluck green leaves

Sonje at the water springs

Sonje stops to scratch

Luggard leaning on Sonje

Sonje browsing

Enkesha sticks close to Sonje

Sonje and Murera leading the herd

Enkesha looking for Sonje

Sonje dusting

Sonje throwing dust on her head

Sonje plucking some sweet leaves

Sonje peeling bark off a tree

Sonje getting ready to dust

Faraja climbing on Sonje

Enkesha and Sonje at the water trough

Sonje picking leaves off the acacia

Murera and Sonje show Luggard how to peel bark

Sonje scratching her bottom

Sonje Luggard and Murera under the shade

Luggard feeling sleepy next to Sonje

Sonje scratching her bottom

Jasiri and Sonje spend some time together

Sonje with Faraja

Alamaya making his way back to Sonje

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