Sonje's latest photos

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Sonje browsing

Sonje foraging

Luggard flanked by Sonje and Lima Lima

Sonje kicking up dust

Sonje scratching the back of her neck

Sonje picking leaves off an acacia

Murera Luggard and Sonje browsing

Quanza and Sonje bring Luggard to the mud-bath

Sonje wallowing

Sonje and Zongoloni at the water trough

Sonje peeling tree bark

Sonje greeting Ngasha

Sonje reprimanding Faraja

Sonje takes a quick nap

Sonje and Zongoloni browsing

Luggard browsing with Sonje

Sonje scratching behind her ear

Sonje in the Chyulu HIlls

Sonje in the forest

Luggard greeting Sonje at the mud bath

Murera leading Sonje

Shukuru heading home with Sonje

Sonje on the Umani Hills

Sonje at the waterhole

Luggard browsing with Sonje

Sonje scratching her bottom whilst she browses

Sonje staying close to Enkesha

Sonje after dusting

Mwashoti and Sonje walking to the hills

Sonje and Luggard browsing

Sonje napping

Sonje getting ready to cool off in the water

Lima Lima and Sonje discussing where to browse

Sonje drinks water

Sonje scratching her neck

Sonje getting ready to wallow

Sonje stops to inspect the palms

Sonje grabbing dust with her trunk

Sonje scratching behind her ears

Sonje happy to see Enkesha

Sonje browsing near some palms

Sonje scratching her head

Sonje resting on the dust pile

Sonje early morning dusting as Luggard watches

Murera Sonje browsing with Luggard

Sonje and Ngasha early morning dusting

Quanza and Sonje in the mudbath

Sonje and Jasiri playing

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