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Sonje leading the orphans to the forest

Ndugu and Sonje

Sonje enquiring after Ndugu

Playful Sonje

Sonje picking the best greens

Sonje finds juicy palms to feed on

Sonje dusting

Mwashoti puts his trunk in Sonje's mouth

Sonje reaching for top acacia leaves

Sonje in a playful mood

Sonje browsing at the Kenze baseline

Sonje browsing with Ziwa

Sonje having a drink at the waterhole

Sonje in the bushes


Sonje near the waterhole

Lima Lima and Sonje browsing

Sonje busy browsing

Sonje running for milk

Sonje having a drink of water

Sonje reaching for green leaves

Sonje browsing

Sonje enjoying green leaves

Sonje busy browsing

Sonje in a yoga pose

Sonje and Jasiri

Sonje leaving the mudbath

Sonje at the salt lick

Sonje relaxing after mud bath

Sonje enjoying greens

Sonje in long grass

Sonje coming out of the bushes

Sonje busy browsing

Sonje coming out of the bushes

Sonje reaching for acacia leaves

Sonje browsing with the others


Sonje hiding in the bushes

Sonje coming for milk

Sonje having fun in the mud

Sonje in the rain


Sonje picking some acacia branches

Sonje very happy with Zongoloni

Sonje with Mwashoti


Sonje with Ngasha

Sonje dusting

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