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Tagwa and Tamiyoi playing in a muddy puddle

Mbegu and Tamiyoi checking on Tagwa

Sagala and Tamiyoi

Sagala and Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi and Tagwa

Tamiyoi scratching on the twin trees

Tamiyoi sitting on the water trough

Tamiyoi scratching

Tamiyoi and Tagwa

Tamiyoi on the left and Kenia on the right

Sagala and Tamiyoi cuddling

Tamiyoi enjoying Lucerne

Tamiyoi, Mbegu, Tagwa, Emoli & Godoma

Tamiyoi running

Tamiyoi, Tagwa, Sagala, Emoli & Godoma

Tagwa and Tamiyoi sparring

Tamiyoi and Sagala running for milk

Emoli down & Tamiyoi playing

Tamiyoi browsing

Tamiyoi, Mbegu and Sagala browsing

Mudanda and Tamiyoi scratching



Tamiyoi scratchiing

Tagwa and Tamiyoi browsing

Tamiyoi playing in the wallow

Tamiyoi in the lead

Tamiyoi, Sagala and Tagwa dust bathing

Embu, Tamiyoi and Mbegu playing

Tamiyoi scratching

Tamiyoi playing

Tamiyoi browsing

Sagala, Tamiyoi and Emoli

Tamiyoi standing at the waters edge

Tamiyoi with the wild bulls

Tamiyoi greeting a wild bull

Embu left, Mbegu, Tamiyoi & Ndotto behind

Tamiyoi enjoying a dust bath

Tamiyoi scratching

Tamiyoi browsing

Ndotto and Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi browsing

Tamiyoi scratching

Tamiyoi browsing

Tamiyoi and Murit browsing

Tamiyoi dust bathing

Tamiyoi down and Mbegu

Sagala left and Tamiyoi dust bathing

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