Tamiyoi's Latest Photos

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Sattao, Maisha, Tamiyoi and Dololo

Kiombo, Dupotto and Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi with Larro behind


Tamiyoi happy and trumpeting

Dololo and Tamiyoi



Maisha, Tamiyoi and Dololo

Nabulu browsing, Tamiyoi scratching her belly

Kiasa and Tamiyoi in the forest together

Sattao and Tamiyoi going to the bucket

Tamiyoi playing with her friends

Tamiyoi reaching up and Kiasa browsing

Larro and Tamiyoi together in the forest

Tamiyoi leading

Tamiyoi sniffing the air

Dololo browsing with Nabulu and Tamiyoi.

Ziwadi, with Tamiyoi and the rest of the orphans

Tamiyoi and Mapia browsing on some grass.

A close-up of Tamiyoi.

Tamiyoi Kiombo and Kiasa

Maisha followed by Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi leaving the 11am feed

Tamiyoi enjoying mud bath

Tamiyoi Ambo Kiasa browsing

Tamiyoi making her way down to the mudbath

Ambo Sagala and Tamiyoi browse






Musiara, Tamiyoi and Maisha

Tamiyoi with Musiara

Tamiyoi leaving the 9am feed

A very eager Tamiyoi waiting for 11am feed

Tamiyoi after her 9am feed

Tamiyoi with Mapia after the 11am feed

Tamiyoi enjoying the lush green grass

Tamiyoi ready to go to the forest

Tamiyoi trying to hold her milk bottle

Tamiyoi enjoying browsing

Tamiyoi browsing

Mapia, Tamiyoi and Malima

Tamiyoi having her milk



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