Tamiyoi's latest photos

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Tamiyoi playing in the wallow

Tamiyoi in the lead

Tamiyoi, Sagala and Tagwa dust bathing

Embu, Tamiyoi and Mbegu playing

Tamiyoi scratching

Tamiyoi playing

Tamiyoi browsing

Sagala, Tamiyoi and Emoli

Tamiyoi standing at the waters edge

Tamiyoi with the wild bulls

Tamiyoi greeting a wild bull

Embu left, Mbegu, Tamiyoi & Ndotto behind

Tamiyoi enjoying a dust bath

Tamiyoi scratching

Tamiyoi browsing

Ndotto and Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi browsing

Tamiyoi scratching

Tamiyoi browsing

Tamiyoi and Murit browsing

Tamiyoi dust bathing

Tamiyoi down and Mbegu

Sagala left and Tamiyoi dust bathing

Tamiyoi having a drink

Tagwa and Tamiyoi scratching

Tamiyoi having fun at mud bath

Ndotto & Tamiyoi at the edge of the mud bath

Tamiyoi scratching

Tamiyoi playing

Tamiyoi waiting to greet the wild group

Tamiyoi following a wild calf

Suswa and Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi greeting Emoli

Tamiyoi smelling the wild elephants

Tamiyoi right with Embu at the mud bath

Tagwa and Tamiyoi on the dust mound

Tamiyoi resting on a rock

Tamiyoi walking away from her wild friends

Godoma and Tamiyoi near the wild herds

Tamiyoi scratching

Tamiyoi scratching

Tamiyoi playing at mud bath

Tamiyoi and Emoli at the twin trees

Tamiyoi scratching

Lasayen, Tagwa, and Tamiyoi under a tree

Tamiyoi and Tagwa having a drink

Tamiyoi having a scratching session

Tamiyoi atop the terrace enjoying pellets

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