Vuria's latest photos

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Musiara and Vuria mud bathing

Olsekki and Vuria

Neshashi and Vuria browsing together

Vuria with trunk raised in greeting

Vuria and Ambo

Wonderful to see handsome Vuria

Vuria scratching


Siku, Wema, Wenid and Vuria

Vuria greeting Olsekki

Teleki & Vuria engaging Garzi

Vuria & Olsekki playing


Wanjala chatting to Vuria


Kalama plays with Vuria

Vuria surrounded by Ipomea flowers

Vuria playing with Kanjoro

Vuria and Zurura in the stockade compound

Vuria playing with Kalama

Vuria in the compound

Orwa and Vuria briefly in the stockade compound

Bomani and Vuria

Orwa, Vuria and Narok

Lenana plays with Vuria

Garzi playing with Vuria

Orwa, Vuria and Bomani in the stockade compound

Vuria Bongo and Narok

Barsilinga plays with Vuria

Kalama playing with Vuria

Garzi, Vuria and Barsilinga in the mud bath

Vuria and Bongo after drinking water

Wild junior elephant plays with Vuria

Bongo playing with Vuria

Vuria enjoying a good scratch

Vuria playing with Kalama

Vuria scratching his tummy

Ololoo playing with Vuria

Vuria with Ex Orphan bull Rapsu

Vuria with Teleki

Barsilinga playing with Vuria

Garzi and Vuria relaxing

Vuria scratching in the morning

Kainuk communicating with Vuria

Vuria and Kainuk playing against the rocks

Little Vuria learning from the wild elephant

Bomgo playing with Vuria in the stockades

Vuria and Boromoko browsing

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