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Vuria scratching his trunk and tusks

Vuria dusting after mud bathing

Barsilinga talking to Vuria

Vuria dusting in loose soil

Vuria riding on Bomani

Bongo and Vuria play-fighting

Bongo playing with Vuria

Vuria chasing the warthogs!

Narok and Vuria wallowing

Vuria with Wendi and Napasha

Vuria plays with Ololoo

Bongo is ignored by Vuria

Vuria sniffs at Wendi at the stockade

Vuria is tempted by Bongo's water antics

Garzi and Vuria browse with Naisula

Bongo and Vuria exchange morning greetings

Vuria and Teleki play together

Vuria and Bongo engage in a pushing game

Vuria scratching a hard to reach spot

Bongo attempting to mount Vuria

Bongo strength testing with Vuria

Vuria and Bongo playing in the morning

Bongo and Vuria locked trunks

Vuria and Bongo strength testing

Vuria after shaking off Orwa

Vuria playing on the wet soil

Vuria challenged Bongo

Vuria playing in the mud

Vuria playing with Bongo

Vuria and Bongo touching trunks

Vuria playing with Kasigau

Vuria scratching on a log

Vuria playing with Bongo

Laragai pushing Vuria in the excitement

Vuria scratching on a dead tree

Vuria playing with Laragai

Kibo pushing with smaller Vuria

Vuria and wild elephants enjoying the lucerne

Vuria scratching on a tree

Bongo and Vuria in the water

Vuria and Bongo

Bongo and Vuria strength testing

Bongo and Vuria strength testing

Vuria and Bongo fight over a branch

Vuria and Laragai strength testing

Vuria playing with Bongo

Bongo and Vuria soil dusting

Vuria browsing

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