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Vuria scratching after mud bath

Vuria playing with Bongo

Vuria riding on Laragai

Vuria getting free rides

Vuria plays in mud

Kainuk resting her trunk on Vuria's back

Vuria tries to ride on Laragai

Teleki playing with Vuria

Vuria feeding on lucerne

Teleki and Vuria sharing the same food

Vuria wallowing

Teleki climbing on Vuria

Vuria, left, and Mutara having a good swim

Vuria riding on Bongo

Vuria plays with Bongo in the water

Vuria riding on Teleki

Vuria scratching on Suguta

Vuria playing on the ground

Vuria scooping soil on himself

Barsilinga trying to mount Vuria

Barsilinga wrestling with Vuria

Orwa going to play with Vuria

Vuria playing with Garzi

Vuria playing around and throwing dust

Teleki plays with Vuria

Vuria and Bomani climbing the rocks

Vuria browsing in the bush

Barsilinga climbing on Vuria

Kithaka going to play with Vuria

Vuria tackles Barsilinga

Vuria plays with Bongo in the mud

Vuria and Kithaka browsing

Vuria playing with Teleki

Vuria sniffs at Wiva

Vuria looking at warthogs to chase

Vuria chasing a warthog!

Vuria plays with Teleki

Kalama plays with Vuria

Vuria and Bomani

Vuria soil dusting

Vuria and Suguta browsing together

Vuria chasing warthogs

Vuria relaxing

Vuria with Kasigau

Vuria chasing warthogs

Vuria kneeling and playing in soil

Vuria enjoying his lucerne

Vuria trying a tasty branch

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