Vuria's latest photos

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Vuria and Barsilinga

Vuria challenging Makireti

Vuria plays with Bongo after soil dusting

Bomani jumping on Vuria

Vuria leading

Bongo plays with Vuria

Bongo playing with Vuria

Orwa trying to get lucerne from Vuria

Vuria fighting Bongo in the early morning

Vuria playing with Barsilinga

Vuria warning Bongo

Vuria and Bongo fighting again!

Vuria climbs on Bongo

Bongo plays with Vuria

Vuria climbing on Bongo

Vuria and Narok

Bongo with Vuria

Orwa, Bongo and Vuria

Vuria running in for milk

Vuria plays with Bongo

Vuria soil dusting


Vuria plays with Bongo watched by Bomani

Vuria and Bongo strength testing

Bongo plays with Vuria

Vuria and Chaimu browsing together

Vuria mounts Bongo

Vuria using a stick to scratch himself

Bongo, left, playing with Vuria

Vuria blocking Barsilinga

Vuria leading the orphans out

Vuria playing with Bongo

Orwa and Vuria playing

Vuria challenging Ololoo

Vuria playing with a wooden log

Vuria greets Yatta

Bongo, left, plays with Vuria

Bongo blocking Vuria from coming out

Vuria browsing

Vuria and Turkwel

Vuria greeting Orwa

Bongo playing with Vuria on the right

Bomani and Vuria in a race

Vuria playing with Bongo

Barsilinga feeding with Vuria

Bongo having a play fight with Vuria

Shukuru and Vuria feeding on the hill

Vuria still pushing Bongo

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