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Shukuru playing her trunk on Vuria

Garzi and Vuria browsing together

Vuria playing with Bongo

Laragai pushing Vuria

Vuria charging towards Bongo

Vuria scratching

Vuria scratching

Vuria chasing warthogs

Vuria and Garzi

Laragai sniffs Vuria

Vuria scratching on a rock

Vuria leads the orphans

Vuria leading the group

A wild baby pushes Vuria

Vuria greets Suguta

Nasalot was very interested in little Vuria

Vuria stands on one leg

Vuria enjoying the Ithumba Mud

Mutara and Vuria bonding together


Vuria runs across



Vuria and Teleki drink at the pond

Vuria safely at the mudbath

Vuria browsing

Bomani, Jasiri and Vuria have a drink

Vuria at the mudbath

Vuria at the mud bath

Vuria at the mud bath

Vuria having greens from a tree

Vuria loves his milk

Vuria wants Oltaiyoni's milk

Mashariki and Vuria - friends or cupboard love?

Vuria sucks her trunk

Suswa and Vuria


Vuria with Nelion behind


Nelion escorted by Vuria at the public viewing


Kwale with Vuria behind

Vuria and Garzi

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