Zongoloni's latest photos

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Zongoloni looking for acacia bark

Zongoloni rubbing belly on Alamaya

Zongoloni with a stick in her mouth

Alamaya with Zongoloni

Zongoloni with her friends at mud bath

Zongoloni lying down to play

Zongoloni in the field

Zongoloni enjoying the grass

Zongoloni testing the water hole

Zongoloni and Sonje enjoying some water

Alamaya trying to charge at Zongoloni

Zongoloni walking after her friends

Zongoloni on the Umani Hills

Quanza browsing with Zongoloni

Murera and Zongoloni guarding Alamaya

Playful Alamaya and Zongoloni

Zongoloni and Jasiri holding his empty bottle

Zongoloni startled by some antelopes

Limalima and Zongoloni trying to push down a tree

Zongoloni lying in the mud

Zongoloni relaxing

Zongoloni running away with her bottle

Zongoloni and a friend babysit Alamaya

Zongoloni leads the orphans into the forest

Zongoloni finds fresh vegetation

Alamaya looking for Zongoloni

Murera leads Zongoloni to Chyulu Hills

Zongoloni solo browsing

Zongoloni walking after milk feed

Zongoloni leads orphans to midday feed

Zongoloni and Alamaya licking salts

Quanza and Zongoloni having some fun

Zongoloni looks after Alamaya at dust-bath time

Zongoloni taking away Mwashoti from the waterhole

Zongoloni walking to the forest

Zongoloni early morning browsing

Zongoloni browsing on Chyulu Hills

Zongoloni and friends at the waterhole

Zongoloni reaching for acacia brancehs

Zongoloni scratching legs

Limalima and Zongoloni look for palm trees

Zongoloni exiting the water hole

Zongoloni with a wild bull

Zongoloni feeding

Zongoloni and Lima Lima

Zongoloni in the lead at the waterhole

Zongoloni at the waterhole

Zongoloni having fun in the mud

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