Quanza's latest photos

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Quanza blowing dust while Zongoloni is kneeling

Faraja, left, with Quanza and Zoingoloni

Zongoloni and Quanza racing for milk

Sonje with Quanza, dusting

Quanza was lost and looks for the others

Zongoloni leading Quanza

Quanza soil dusting

Quanza trying to turn around in the water hole

Quanza in a scratching mood

Quanza drinking rain water

Sonje and Quanza browsing on the Umani hills

Quanza with Zongoloni browsing close together

Sonje, left, goes with Quanza to the water hole

Quanza mounting Sonje

Lima lima leads Quanza & Zongoloni to the forest

Murera grabbing grass from Quanza's mouth

Busy Quanza

Quanza enjoying the soft grass

Quanza browsing

Quanza playing down on the ground

Sonje swinging her trunk with Quanza

Quanza with Sonje in the middle of play

Murera and Zongoloni playing with Quanza standing

Quanza playing with dust while Sonje rolling

Quanza trying to play with Zongoloni

Quanza leading Murera and Sonje

Quanza in the swampy area

Quanza scratching behing the ears

Quanza left with Zongoloni playing with water

Quanza picking soft grass

Sonje on the left side taking Quanza for patroll

Quanza rubbing bottom on Sonje lying down

Quanza giving broad smile

Quanza whispering to Sonje

Sonje with Quanza breaking soft branches

Zongoloni between Quanza(left)and Sonje (right)

Limalima leading Quanza to the waterhole

Quanza busy scratching her bottom

Quanza now leading Sonje to the toP

Quanza peeling bark

Murera and Quanza enjoying Lucerne

Zongoloni followed by Quanza

Quanza sharpening her tusk

Quanza and Lima Lima having a drink

Zongoloni on the left, Quanza on the right

Quanza stopping for a scratch

Quanza and Zongoloni in the mudbath

Quanza and Zongoloni sharing cubes

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