Quanza's latest photos

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Quanza sitting down on her bottom

Quanza with Lima Lima

Quanza and Murera brought Alamaya to drink water

Quanza drinking

Jasiri and Quanza competing to swim

Quanza trying to remove something from her trunk

Quanza arrives for bottle feed

Quanza flaps her big ears

Quanza looking for soft green branches

Quanza browsing

Sonje playing whilst Quanza looks on

Quanza blows dust on her head

Quanza in the bushes

Ziwa and Quanza at the water hole

Quanza leading the orphans out of the bush

Quanza scratching against an acacia

Quanza drinking her milk like Zongoloni

Quanza busy browsing

Quanza getting her milk

Quanza browsing

Quanza and Mwashoti dustbathing

Quanza and Sonje

Quanza and Zongoloni peeling tree bark

Limalima and Quanza playing

Quanza enjoying browsing

Quanza in the lead

Jasiri and Quanza


Crane birds near Quanza

Quanza and friends browsing on Umani Hill

Quanza sniffing out a wild animal in the bush

Quanza leading the orphans to greener branches

Alamaya and Quanza chatting quietly

Quanza blowing dust with her trunk

Quanza leading orphans from the water hole

Quanza browsing

Quanza having a drink

Mwashoti and Quanza enjoying pods

Quanza sniffing for wild elephants

Quanza heading to the milk feeding area

Zongoloni and Quanza soil dusting

Quanza having a drink

Alamaya and Quanza leading the orphan group

Quanza enjoying acacia leaves

Quanza at the morning dustbath

Quanza and Lima Lima browsing together

Quanza having a drink with Zongoloni

Quanza by the side of the road

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