Quanza's latest photos

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Quanza walking to the other orpahns

Quanza enjoying her browsing session

Quanza holds her own bottle

Quanza busy foraging

Zongoloni and Quanza browsing

Quanza sharperning her tusks

Sonje, Quanza and Lima lima browsing

Sonje on the ground and Quanza playing

Sonje and Quanza crossing logs

Lima lima, Faraja & Quanza at the broken pipeline

Quanza playing

Quanza facing down,with Balguda showing bottom

Quanza leading orphans out from the forest

Quanza leads the way

Quanza digging

Quanza walking away Balguda

Quanza digging soil for dusting

Quanza browsing alone

Quanza and Balguda together

Quanza in the thick bush

Quanza leading Balguda

Quanza breaking branches

Quanza taking the orphans for a drink

Quanza walking to the bushes

Quanza rushing to the bushes

Quanza enjoying tubes

Sonja and Quanza browsing together

Quanza smelling the air

Quanza infront picking up dry leaves

Quanza with her mouth full of grass

Quanza taking off ticks

Quanza and Zongoloni drinking

Zongoloni left, with Quanza blowing dust

Limalima, left, with Quanza on the scratching rock

Sonje on the left with Quanza

Sonje in the bushes with Faraja, Quanza and Jasiri

Quanza leading out the babies from the forest

Quanza running for milk

Quanza and Zongoloni drinking

Quanza and Zongoloni looking for the way

Quanza looking for a scratch

Quanza scared

Quanza blowing dust while Zongoloni is kneeling

Faraja, left, with Quanza and Zoingoloni

Zongoloni and Quanza racing for milk

Sonje with Quanza, dusting

Quanza was lost and looks for the others

Zongoloni leading Quanza

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