Mbegu's latest photos

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Mbegu with the football

Mbegu and Ngilai playing

Mbegu before she struggled to stand up!

Godoma in her stable with Mbegu

Mbegu decided to go for a swim

Ngilai and Mbegu who is so caring of the babies

Mbegu and Lasayen

Kauro and Mbegu

Mbegu playing with Pea and Pod

Glorious mud bath time for Mbegu

Mbegu and Ngilai

Ndotto and Mbegu

Mbegu with Rapa

Roi, Rapa and Mbegu

Mbegu looking after Ndotto

Mbegu and Ndotto

Kamok, Simotua and Mbegu in the dust

Ngilia with Mbegu - never short of attention

Mbegu and Boromoko capture everyone's hearts

Mbegu, Boromoko and Enkikwe

Loving females Kamok, Mbegu and Roi

Boromoko, Mbegu and Murit in the plains

Mbegu browsing

Mbegu quick to respond to the other elephants

Mbegu sneaking off to mother the little ones

Mbegu was subdued for the rest of the day

Dupotto happy after games with Kauro and Mbegu

Mbegu with Elkerama

Mbegu relaxing

Mbegu and Dupotto

Mbegu on the rocks

Mbegu playing with Kamok

Mbegu playing with a stick

Mbegu and Kauro

Mbegu had a pulling game with Murit today

Mbegu had fun at the 11am visit today

Mbegu and Kamok were keen to greet Ngilai

Little Mbegu and a keeper

Mbegu and Kauro playing

Rorogoi shoved poor Mbegu into the water

Mbegu had fun playing with Dupotto and Murit

Mbegu protected Ndotto from the rough boys

Mbegu enjoys Ndotto's company

Mbegu joined Roi to play with Murit

Mbegu the water baby

Mbegu, Roi, Ashaka and Dupotto playing

Kamok and Mbegu after meeting Hamsini

Mbegu playing with his keeper

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