Mbegu's latest photos

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Ndotto and Mbegu playing in the mud

Mbegu is our most caring little girl

Mbegu with her babies

Mbegu is lovely but will not share her milk!

Murit, left and Mbegu

Mbegu with matriarch Oltaiyoni

Lovely Mbegu and little Ngilai

Mbegu stomping around the bush

Mbegu is so nice to all the babies

Mbegu fought with Dupotto today

Ngilai behind and Mbegu on the ground

Mbegu has to do some disciplining today

Murit, Mbegu and Ngilai

Mbegu and Olsekki in a small mud bath

Mbegu, left and Ndotto playing

Mbegu has been a bit mean to Dupotto

Kamok, left, Dupotto and Mbegu

Mbegu wanted Tamiyoi to join them

Mbegu normally so nice to all the elephants

Mbegu and babies enjoying a mud bath

Tamiyoi wanted to join Mbegu too

Ngilai, Mbegu and Tusuja

Ngilai browsing with Mbegu

Mbegu and babies playing at mud bath

Mbegu made a fuss when Tamiyoi could not come

Mbegu and Kamok with the babies

Mbegu, Godoma, Suswa & Siangiki on a wet day

Kamok's game with Mbegu came to an end

Mbegu forced some discipline on Rapa

Mbegu was bring a naughty girl today

Ndotto and Mbegu are good friends

Mbegu drawing water and splashing herself

Mbegu and others in the mud bath

Kamok and Mbegu behind, Lasayen and Ndotto

Poor Mbegu had a long night

Mbegu was happy to smell the babies

Mbegu was happy to go and meet the babies

Mbegu on the left and Murit

Mbegu is a natural matriarch of all the babies

Mbegu was happy to meet the new baby

Mbegu really cares for the other babies

Mbegu sneaked away from her group to find babies

Mbegu and Ndotto behind

Lasayen, Ndotto and Mbegu

Mbegu playing in the sand with football

Mbegu playing in the mud bath

Ndotto and Mbegu

Mbegu and Dupotto rolling in the soil

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