Mbegu's latest photos

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Mbegu in the water

Oltaiyoni and Mbegu

Mbegu browsing

Mbegu browsing

Mbegu browsing

Mbegu a little sweetie

Mbegu and Kauro

Mbegu and Kamok

Murit and Mbegu

Mbegu and Mashariki at the 11am feeding time

Ashaka, Mbegu, Embu, Balguda & Oltaiyoni

Kauro about to mount poor Mbegu

Mbegu walking back into the forest

Mbegu playing in the mud

Mbegu caring for Ndotto

Naughty Mbegu playing in the mud

Mbegu, Ndotto and their keeper

Kauro & Mbegu loving each other

Mbegu and Ndotto playing with their keeper

Oltaiyoni with Kauro and Mbegu

Oltaiyoni with Mbegu

Murit Ashaka Kauro Dupoto and Mbegu

Mbegu, the tiny seed

Mashariki, Arruba and Mbegu

Mbegu showing off her blanket

Kerio and Mbegu playing with the keeper

Oltaiyoni and Mbegu saying hello to the keeper

Mbegu and Ashaka say hello

Kerio and Mbegu showing their keeper love

Mbegu and Ashaka out browsing

Mbegu at the 11am milk feed

Mbegu drinking milk at feeding time

Mbegu greeting the keeper

Mbegu loves her keepers

Mbegu and friends

Mbegu prefers Arruba's company

Mbegu with Ashaka on the right

Mbegu with the keepers

Mbegu's clay packed spear wounds

Mbegu drinks milk on arrival

Mbegu rests after her journey to the Nursery

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