Mbegu's latest photos

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Mbegu rolling in the loose soil

Mbegu with her little Jotto

Mbegu browsing

Mbegu with little Jotto

Ndotto climbing on Mbegu!

Ndotto climbing on Mbegu with Jotto behind

Mbegu and Ndotto in the forest

Ambo Oltaiyoni and Mbegu

Mbegu watching the babies

Mbegu playing with the football

Oltaiyoni with her Ambo and Mbegu on the right

Tusuja and Mbegu

Mbegu happy and browsing

Mbegu after her milk

Galla behind and Mbegu with Edwin

Mbegu and Lasayen with the ball

Mbegu Jotto and Kamok

Murit Mbegu and Ndotto

Happy Mbegu

Kamok Kauro and Mbegu

Roi with Mbegu

Mbegu playing with the football



Mbegu browsing

Mbegu with a stick

Mbegu walked to console Godoma

Mbegu going to protect the babies

Mbegu going to check on the babies

Mbegu with Ndotto

Roi and Mbegu love the babies

Mbegu out in a grassy field

Oltaiyoni with Mbegu on the right

Lovely Mbegu out browsing

Little role model Mbegu

Oltaiyoni browsing with Mbegu

Mbegu loves looking after the babies

Sweet Mbegu went to look for Galla

Mbegu going with Oltaiyoni

Mbegu reaching for green leaves


Mbegu and Galla

Mbegu feeding

Mbegu is most fond of Ndotto

Mbegu and Ndotto behind

Mbegu loves her keepers and little babies

Siangiki, Mbegu and Enkikwe

Mbegu running out in the field

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